A Personal Look at Instagrams Hottest New Trend

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Take it from me — I have it figured out.

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Lesson 1: Nobody’s going to like you if you don’t hold the door for them.

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A story about finding my biological family and discovering my truth.

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№3: Nobody cares how smart you are

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What is website copy?

Simplify your marketing and scale your business the right way

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“Simple marketing is scalable marketing”

What is “Simple Marketing”

50% of all small businesses fail within 5 years. Here’s why.

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Am I Racist?

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  • No person of color is immune, not even me.
  • How can we (POC) expect to win when we’ve already accepted defeat?
  • With no personal connection to racism, it’s difficult to understand the problem; and a lot more difficult to take action against it.

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I’m Not Black, I’m Ian.

Ian Greenfield

Milwaukee, WI based founder @ www.shockmouse.com

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