A Personal Look at Instagrams Hottest New Trend

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Is it me, or is adoption IN these days? Everyone wants to be a savior, — adopting a young child, saving them from the horrors of their current existence. It’s all over Instagram — you’ve most surely seen it.

It’s perfect social media fodder. An adoption has all the elements of a perfect story. A bad situation, a journey to fix the situation, and everyones favorite, a happy ending.

It’s an interesting thing, raising a child to whom you are not biologically related. Most interesting is what it tells us about human nature, and our own development. …

Take it from me — I have it figured out.

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I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not like the other guys.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do today, and tomorrow’s not going to be much different. Call it a lack of vision, a lack of understanding, or perhaps a lack of focus. I’m so lost I don’t even know what to call it.

I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur at a young age because I love building things. I love connecting with other people and finding ways to make their lives a little bit better. So why is it so difficult?

The funny thing is…

Lesson 1: Nobody’s going to like you if you don’t hold the door for them.

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My grandfather was a complicated man.

Born in Chicago in 1923, his formative years were among the most turbulent in American history. Upon graduating from high school, he followed in the footsteps of millions of American men and enlisted in the military. The Navy specifically — stationed on a swelteringly hot island off the coast of New Zealand.

Though away from the wars European epicenter, his troupe endured countless waves of airstrikes from Japanese bombers. …

A story about finding my biological family and discovering my truth.

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I often wonder what my life would be like had I not been adopted as a baby. Would I have the same taste in music? Would I be as driven as I am today? Would I still have this damn lisp?

There has long been debate over what truly shapes a person’s behavior — genetics or the environment in which they’re raised. It’s an interesting thought experiment and one particularly relevant to current events. In 2020 America, is the issue a difference in skin color, or culture. In other words, is the system rigged against Black skin or Blackness?


№3: Nobody cares how smart you are

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Your website copy has the power to make or break your users experience.

Think about it. Statistics say that you have a matter of seconds to gain a user’s interest. In fact, most website visits are 15 seconds or less.

Given the importance of keeping users on your site for as long as possible, it goes without saying that your website copy needs to be in tip top shape.

What is website copy?

Generally speaking, website copy is the informative part of your website. …

Simplify your marketing and scale your business the right way

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“Simple marketing is scalable marketing”

It’s a phrase that’s frequently thrown around marketing circles. But what does it mean?

What is “Simple Marketing”

Simple marketing is controllable marketing.

Marketing that’s easy to understand, track, and follow. The way it should be.

Technological advances have paved the way for rapid innovation in the way we market our products. The problem is, the sheer amount of tools available make it easy to lose focus. Lose focus on marketing campaigns, projects, and data analytics — all of which can be detrimental to business.

A “Simple Marketing” initiative seeks to solve that problem.

By simplifying our marketing, we’re able to regain control and…

50% of all small businesses fail within 5 years. Here’s why.

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Three months ago and 2 years into running my business, I came to a startling realization.

It was bound to fail.

Not for a lack of customers, or poor financial decisions. Not even as a result of the recession. My business was destined to fail for one reason and one reason only.


This was a jarring realization. How could I be a problem? I’m an asset. I AM MY BUSINESS. I built it from the ground up. Nurtured it as it grew, and even brought a couple of people along for the ride. …

Am I Racist?

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Last week I published a post describing my experience as a black man growing up in a white family. In the post, I outlined three lessons my childhood taught me about racism in America.

  • No person of color is immune, not even me.
  • How can we (POC) expect to win when we’ve already accepted defeat?
  • With no personal connection to racism, it’s difficult to understand the problem; and a lot more difficult to take action against it.

This post was, ashamedly, the first time I’ve ever seriously discussed my thoughts on racism in America.

Want to read this story later…

Now’s the time to invest in yourself!

COVID-19 continues to uproot the lives of millions across the globe. With such uncertainty, it’s easy to feel lost in the sea of chaos.

For many, however, this hardship also represents an important window of opportunity.

Keeping in mind the struggles people are facing, it’s important to recognize the current potential for personal growth.

I invite you to take a serious look at three books that have transformed my life over the past few months. …

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My parents are white. And I don’t just mean of European descent. I mean, everything they do is WHITE.

Growing up, my mom drove a minivan and worked at a health food store while my dad worked as a traveling salesman by day and an amateur bowler by night.

They both wore fanny packs to my little league baseball games, and even wore these little bandanas with attached rubber visors to block the sun. At a young age, I knew my parents were aggressively white.

I’m Not Black, I’m Ian.

Growing up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin as an adopted child of two white…

Ian Greenfield

Milwaukee, WI based founder @ www.shockmouse.com

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